Past Projects

Denali Weather Station

The Denali weather station was originally conceived by Japanese mountaineer Yoshitomi Okura.  Okura's friend Naomi Uemura had died on the mountain during severe winds.  Okura had wanted a way to measure the winds near Denali Pass. In 2002, a weather station was placed on the mountain.  During January 2003, the station stopped sending data. The exact cause of failure remains unknown,  however the last reading from the station indicated a wind speed of 183 MPH! During the years 2005 and 2006 Polartronix constructed a low power telemetry system for use with the weather station. This led to the development of Polartronix first product, the PX-503

PX-503 Radio Modulator

The PX-503 is a device which enables telemetry data to be transmitted over long distance with very low power. This was first used on a high altitude weather station in which data had to be transmitted more than 100 miles while consuming less than 2 mw of average power. It uses dual processors and other redundant components for maximum reliability.

Direct Conversion Pulse Receiver

The ICE-H receiver was built for HiPass radio observatory to measure pulse data from the ionosphere

Pulse Receiver Main Board

This is a detail image of the main circuit board of the receiver.
This is a 6 layer high frequency board, and was designed and built by Polartronix.